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#49588 // 6:38am
Hey there! I was looking to buy [Reins of the Swift Spectral Tiger] , but only that specific mount, not the trading card that gives both the mounts.


#49587 // 10:44pm
@strixon: Yes, in stock.

@aseur: You did the right thing and used our contact system in our footer.


#49586 // 7:38pm
hello i bought a few pets and one doesnt work


#49585 // 1:32pm
[The Flag of Ownership] is that in stock ?


#49584 // 10:00pm
@Milo1999: Have spoken to supplier, looks like we will be out indefinitely. Not sure we can find more, but we will try.


#49583 // 1:45am
@mosquitob77: Please check your emails.

@towelliee: Not sure, most cards seem OK with the 3DSecure system...


#49582 // 1:03am
Hi i enter my card information and says failed to go through 3dsecure but i called my cc company and they say nothing is wrong?


#49581 // 4:17am
Hi, I recently purchased a" [The Flag of Ownership] " and followed the instructions for redemption. Unfortunately, it says that my code has already been redeemed? How can that be?


#49580 // 3:26am
@LanzerSA: Please use our contact system in footer, list items you have.


#49579 // 3:25am
@Milo1999: We are looking for more right now...


#49578 // 10:46pm
Will [Tabard of Frost] ever be in stock again?


#49577 // 7:27am
Hi. How do I go about selling cards to the website


#49576 // 8:35pm
@Lundeh: the collectors editions are EU only. all other codes are EU and US


#49575 // 3:58pm
Is this US or EU?


#49574 // 11:16am
under mounts / [white riding camel] / when i click on it to buy on ebay it becomes wasteland strider


#49573 // 2:11am
@nikocoppi: Please ensure to follow the correct redemption process. If you continue to have problems please use our contact system below.


#49572 // 5:35pm
Hi, I have a problem. I am in Lando and when I try to validate my code it says if impossible to validate this code.


#49571 // 8:23pm
@Daldain I got the new code and redeemed it without an issue! Thank you so much!


#49570 // 7:17pm
@Crupes: Decide how fast you want your mount, digital is almost instant, by mail is through the postman. If digital, add to cart, make successful payment and your full promotion code will be waiting for you in your Purchase History with us. Complete the redemption process and voila, you have your mount.


#49569 // 7:16pm
@kylecronkright: Some of those codes are very blurry which causes that problem. Please check your emails for information on your replacement.


#49568 // 3:13pm
Hello! im new here how does it work if i example wanna buy a mount what do i do?


#49567 // 7:53am
nvm, started working thanks.


#49566 // 7:42am
please help me


#49565 // 7:37am
just ordered a few pets and none of the codes work!? ive ordered in the past and everythings worked?



#49564 // 5:38am
For the US realm, I should clarify.


#49563 // 5:37am
I just purchased a digital code for a [Foam Sword Rack] , but when I try to redeem the code on the Blizzard Redemption website, it says that the code is not valid. What do I do?


#49562 // 2:36am
@Daldain thanks for making this clear to me.


#49561 // 6:19pm
@HundKex:. You did the right thing and used our contact system


#49560 // 7:21pm
Tried to redeem a Fel Drake and it didnt work. What could be wrong?


#49559 // 10:44pm
Got it worked. Thanks!

Loot News

Another problem we face is shown in this photo of duplicate Goblin Weather Machine loot codes. Blizzard / UDE / Cryptozoic had quality control problems when batches of codes were reprinted, usually when boutique products such as Epic Collections or foreign language were made. The vast majority of affected cards were common loot, but we think that is simply because common loot was printed in far greater numbers than the other rarer loot.