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#51211 // 2:25pm
@luciablo: Please check your emails.


#51210 // 12:49pm
Hello i purchased landros litchling with bitcoin cause the debitcard seems to not work and i waited 3 hours for it, it dissapeard from my shopping card and cant seem to find the code in purchase history


#51209 // 7:24pm
I would like to buy Magic rooster and [spectral tiger] code, reply if u wanna sell


#51208 // 9:16pm
@raissam: I have one at $280US on eBay


#51207 // 4:34pm
any tips for where i get the diablo 3 collector code? for the wow pet?


#51206 // 8:58am
Marked down a bunch of [Ethereal Plunderer]s and [Murkablo] !


#51205 // 6:03am
@gReazymeister: If you used our contact system, please check your emails.


#51204 // 12:14am
Do you guys buy [ [spectral tiger] ] loot card? I have a brand new one and i would like to sell it.


#51203 // 5:40pm
I clicked redeem, but when i try to push it through, it doesnt work. It says the code is invalid.


#51202 // 5:25pm
@Devm123: Yes 95% of the time. CE codes can be region locked, but we will only put one suitable to your region in your cart. TCG codes are always US + EU.


#51201 // 10:32am
bruh, if i buy from here can i also use on EU?


#51200 // 12:47am
@starcallerAgota: it costs more because you get the code instantly without waiting for shipping plus paying additional taxes, fees, import duty, etc.


#51199 // 8:07pm
Man i am so sad i just opened two Fires of Outland Booster Boxes. I didn't get any loot at all like wtf is going on is Fires of Outland Expansion so hard to get any loot out of?


#51198 // 7:19pm
Anyone know why instant codes cost more than when you buy it off ebay ?


#51196 // 3:47am
There's a [carved ogre idol] in ebay again


#51195 // 8:54am
How's everyone doing?


#51194 // 12:42pm
Slashes a few [Deathy] codes by 20%


#51193 // 7:32pm
@thischimp: Even better, you will have the full loot code in your Purchase History with us.


#51192 // 10:01am
i want to buy the [The Flag of Ownership] toy, if i select digital, will they email me the code?


#51191 // 12:26am
@FKKNDESTROYY: YES and it is good for EU or US


#51190 // 12:25am
@Sauronix9898: once payment has cleared the code will go straight to you


#51189 // 2:43pm
Hey I was thinking about buying swift [spectral tiger] via digital code will i get it straight in to my mail?


#51188 // 12:19pm
if i buy magic rooster in digital code i will get it instant? i need for eu can you pla check if there is for eu?


#51187 // 4:33am
@Hordos: Asking seller now, sorry for the delay.


#51186 // 11:15pm
Hello, Im not getting any response on my email that i sent last week, I also have an issue pending since one month ago that you never got back to me about.


#51185 // 6:04am
@FKKNDESTROYY: its not "by email", its by mail.


#51184 // 12:38pm
Hi i want to buy magic rooster im from eu, i saw can buy instant digital code and there is as well “by email”. When i click by email they send me on ebay, whats that mean by email??? If i buy it they gonna send me the code by email? And why i saw there is only for us?


#51183 // 1:26pm
@Irina, yes - they are region specific. If you put them in your cart, you can see a note for which region they are useable.


#51182 // 12:01pm
Hi ! Does the Expansion collector's edition code are link to a zone ? US or UE or asia ? Thanks (i talk about digital code)


#51181 // 3:18pm
@josharoonie8: Please check your PayPal email address. We also replaced your code. If you still have any difficulty please let us know via our contact system.

Loot News

Another problem we face is shown in this photo of duplicate Goblin Weather Machine loot codes. Blizzard / UDE / Cryptozoic had quality control problems when batches of codes were reprinted, usually when boutique products such as Epic Collections or foreign language were made. The vast majority of affected cards were common loot, but we think that is simply because common loot was printed in far greater numbers than the other rarer loot.