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#53574 // 11:28pm
@Bazeman1234: Please check your emails.


#53573 // 9:31pm
and i havent used it on sageras


#53572 // 9:22pm
how come i just bought a [tabard of flame] , and when i try to type in the code, it says that it already has been used on sageras eu when i put it on twisting nether eu??


#53571 // 11:03pm
Hey i was wondering if wowtcgloot buy item to vendors or give you the option to sell tcg mounts ? ty


#53570 // 8:40pm
@FredManTheCat: We have some in inventory right now, can you see them?


#53569 // 6:02pm
Hi! I just had a general question about the 2019 blizzcon virtual ticket ( [Finduin] /gilvanis pet) . Do you have any idea if there will be any more of these in available any time soon? i tried contacting one of the people on ebay that were selling but have had no luck getting a response.


#53568 // 3:37pm
@Lorothar: That's exactly right.


#53567 // 2:08pm
@Daldain So when i buy the digital code here for 499 dollar, I get a link to the promotional website and the code, and then I generate the loot code for ingame redeeming myself?


#53566 // 1:14pm
@SeemsLegit throw me a mail at


#53565 // 2:34am
@Lorothar: You will receive a loot code that you will put through the Blizzard Legacy promotional website (we supply you a handy link next to your code) to get your new in-game code. For older BlizzCon loot like the [Blizzard Bear] you will take that new in-game code to Forlorn Cavern in Ironforge (alliance) or Valley of Honor, Orgrimmar (horde). It is not tradeable in-game.


#53564 // 7:35pm
world of warcraft


#53563 // 12:43pm
Hey, I am looking into buying the Blizzcoin Bear. Will this also come as a Lootcode that I redeem in Boty Bay or where will I have to redeem it? Also, is it tradeable ingame?


#53562 // 1:46am
@Daldain ah okay thank you for clarifying


#53561 // 1:27am
@SeemsLegit: You need to sell/trade in-game with in-game currency only.


#53560 // 11:37pm
Hi, I am looking to sell a [spectral tiger] mount (not swift) that I have in game still in a character's inventory (not for gold) if that's possible. It was received from a Landro's loot card (which apparently is surprisingly rare).


#53559 // 8:53pm
@toxicboss1127256: Please check your emails.


#53558 // 8:24pm
The code I got for a mount keeps saying that it's invalid even tho I copy and paste it into the redem website


#53557 // 7:33am
The [riding Turtle] is not Tradeable. You have to gift the code to your friend


#53556 // 7:02am
can i gift a friend the [riding turtle] or is it not tradeable


#53555 // 12:09am
@sammyyoyo: Please check your emails.


#53554 // 10:55pm
Had wrong e-mail adress on Paypal so I did not get the code, was about to buy another one as I've now updated my email on Paypal, but I can't checout. i'll only get to the page where I came after the order was placed. It says "Pending Authorization", anyway to remove that so I can order a new item?


#53553 // 9:03pm
For a limited time, we have a batch of Blizzard Store Mounts priced cheaper than even their best sale price. Inventory is limited so act fast!


#53552 // 5:11pm
@jonassen225gmai: ATM, only CE (vanilla, BC) are shared across retail & classic.


#53551 // 9:21am
How can I get the things I buy on this page on my TBC-classic char?


#53550 // 3:45am
yes it works now, thanks!


#53549 // 2:15am
@All: This is due to maintenance - the problem should be resolved by now.


#53548 // 9:39pm
i try many time and only got this : Error ID: ZC44H can any body explain ?


#53547 // 7:09pm
why i got erorr code ?


#53546 // 6:11pm
Same here, I bought a mount and the code says unknown error occurred and i tried multiple times


#53545 // 6:06pm
I bought two items today, and when I try to redeem them I get "An unknown error occured! Something has gone wrong! Sorry!

Error ID: 7SYK5" Please help!

Loot News

10th June 2020

Here is another example of a unclaimed blurry code. If you manage to get this Foam Sword Rack code correct, let us know in chat here. Good luck!