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#49442 // 2:50pm
@joo08: Please check your email, use our contact system in the future.


#49441 // 9:22am
The following problems have occurred:
This code is not valid. Please verify your code and try again.


#49440 // 3:27pm
@Nofam: Do you mean the Blizzard Promotional website?

@Gollums: There may be none left, we are always looking for more but it may never happen.


#49439 // 6:40pm
why can't I fix the secerity code??


#49438 // 5:07pm
Looking to trade my [Rest and Relaxation] code for another object or gold.


#49437 // 6:36pm
is the [carved ogre idol] out of stock for good or do you guys foresee having more in the future? also since they are near impossible to find on eBay or anywhere else for that matter.


#49436 // 8:32pm
Looking for someone on the EU selling Swift [Spectral Tiger] , and perhaps some other TCG mounts.


#49435 // 1:33am
@Sanasuke: Refunds normally take 3 - 5 bank days to see on your card statement.


#49434 // 1:32am
@Sanasuke: We already fully refunded your second payment.


#49433 // 8:06pm
Been a while, hi everybody!


#49432 // 3:01pm
Hello. Yesterday i bought [Murkalot's Flail] . There were some issues with payments, i didn't get my code instantly.I got code only after few hours after contact you. I paid 2 times because i wasn't sure payment was successful. Then i canceled second payment via bank manager. But now i received a message that i paid again. It means i paid 800 USD in stead of 400 USD. Can i have my 400 USD back?


#49431 // 3:14am
@moolissa: Please see our help section on redeeming.


#49430 // 9:10pm
I have the [tiny] mount card, it was given to me how do I redeem it for mount on my account in WOW?


#49429 // 1:11am
@grazzasamuel: Your bank is declining, perhaps because we are located in USA? It's not us declining. Check your email for replacement details.

@death_wakerhotm: You will receive the full promotion code that you redeem which gives you another code you use at Landro in Booty Bay. See our help section for info on redeeming.



#49428 // 7:35pm
I'm trying to order some more stuff and my visa is getting declined. Any way to fix this? ^^ Is it due to an item being out of stock or something ?


#49427 // 6:03pm
I just bought the Epic Purple shit and the code is invalid and can't be redeemed!


#49426 // 11:12am
if i buy [tabard of flame] how can you send me in my wow acc?


#49425 // 12:29am
Same for me, the new code worked fine!


#49424 // 7:27pm
Thank you for fast responding got a new code


#49423 // 3:21am
@Gizeeh: Please check your emails.

@bonerkill: Please check your emails.


#49422 // 10:36pm
And I mean it says invalid on the website, not trying to redeem loot at Landro. I cannot even get to the step where it gives me the code to give to Landro.


#49421 // 10:32pm
I just bought the Papa Hummels [Pet Biscuit] . It is in my purchase history, but when I try to redeem it it say the code is invalid. Can someone help me?


#49420 // 10:25pm
relogged and disabled addons and 1 of the codes worked. Still 1 last code that says invalid.Hope you can help me with the lst code of [Eye of the Legion] .


#49419 // 10:14pm
Hey I bought 9 [Eye of the Legion] . and there were 2 codes that was not working. So I got only 7 of the 9 I bought


#49418 // 4:29am
@guiso: Look for our email sent to your PayPal email.

@ZeZeZe: We fully refunded your payment.


#49417 // 2:45am
I just made a purchase but when I open the buy history don't show anything , any help!!


#49416 // 10:43pm
made a purchase using paypal, the payment went through to my bank account and paypal account yet the purchase "failed", i didn't recieve the code, and now my account i used to purchase it was disabled. username is zelenin1, please help


#49415 // 3:51pm
steve has taken care of it and i received my goods. what a relief <3 wowtcgloot <3


#49414 // 3:03pm
@Daldain: it is "olympicboxer" My user name got banned without any prior notice. Had many purchases using this site in the past. did I just get scammed ? this used to be a reputable site.


#49413 // 2:58pm
@olympicboxer:. Looking into it now

Loot News

Another problem we face is shown in this photo of duplicate Goblin Weather Machine loot codes. Blizzard / UDE / Cryptozoic had quality control problems when batches of codes were reprinted, usually when boutique products such as Epic Collections or foreign language were made. The vast majority of affected cards were common loot, but we think that is simply because common loot was printed in far greater numbers than the other rarer loot.