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#53944 // 11:41pm
To be clear, we sell in a Blizzard approved way.


#53943 // 4:44pm
@christian32693: No, that is against the Blizzard ToS. Selling the in-game item (or in-game code) is allowed, but we don't do that.


#53942 // 3:36pm
@TCGBruh we sell redeemable codes to be instantly used. The UDE Points and associated website have been closed for a very long time.


#53941 // 2:24pm
Hey 2 questions!
1. Is the Tabard of [Void] UDE points or the code to be able to instantly redeem the tabard?
2. Is there anyone here with [Tabard of Brilliance] code?


#53940 // 4:48am
Is there a way to purchase these codes with in-game gold?


#53939 // 9:13pm
All, we have changed to a new card processor - it should be a smoother and more accepting experience.


#53938 // 6:00pm
@taekuy: Unfortunately no, Blizzard did not release Korean codes for that expansion - please visit our sister website

@konstantinos: Yes, if you use our checkout.

@AitorMiller: Yes, we can supply photo of the original card, use our contactus page (see bottom of webpage) to confirm.


#53937 // 5:59pm
Catching up on a few chats, here we go!

@MarioMoko: You will get the full code instantly when using our checkout, otherwise the card via eBay. Not against the ToS because you are using real-world money for a real-world code (no one has ever been banned for buying from us in all the 10+ years we have been doing this). All the toys and mounts will be account-wide - wardrobe items will be account transmoggable.


#53936 // 2:35am
Hello, will the digital codes here provide a photo of the physical card? Because Taiwan server redeem needs this


#53935 // 1:37pm
Im a merchant here with a [Spectral Tiger] code for sale. There is only one extra step needed to redeem it as the code is from a Blizzcon 2019 gift card. Price is $5795 -- contact admin for details, will not last long at this price!!!


#53934 // 10:11am
hello there i want to order [tabard of flame] do i insta receive it ?


#53933 // 2:46am
Hello, can I purchase Magic Chicken Egg on the Korean server?


#53932 // 10:43am
Hello, I was thinking of buying a tabard so I got a few questions:
-do we get hard copy of card in mail or do we just get the code online
-is buying this against ToS
-when I redeem the items, is it account-wide or just for character

Best regards,


#53931 // 9:21pm
@Fatal: If you are still having problems, please let us know via "contactus" at bottom of page.


#53930 // 6:38pm
hi just bought a red [flame] of tabard and they code isnt working


#53929 // 5:28pm
@Gnaarky: All fixed, it was your PayPal account that was unverified.


#53928 // 7:50pm
tried to enter my payment information but it said card was already being used on another account?


#53927 // 5:15am
Hi, i would like to buy more TGCs vbut it says that limit is reached so can i make a new account in the website and pay with payapl ?


#53926 // 3:23pm
@toaber, its cheaper here


#53925 // 6:28am
i am interested in [WoW Vanilla Collector's Edition] Pets - any chance to buy it from you on ebay? thanks in advance - don't know your seller Accounts there


#53924 // 10:05pm
Churr, all good now


#53923 // 9:56pm
@kabbo2397: Please check your emails (and log back into your original account).


#53922 // 9:49pm
Hey, made an account and a purchase using paypal. Got some error - holding(idp) - then noticed I couldn't log into my account. No confirmation emails. Made a new account and here I am


#53921 // 5:34pm
@nickgleason: Yes, we sell many [Big Blizzard Bear]s each day - they are all from original BlizzCon cards. No one has ever been banned from buying from us because we sell codes from cards (no in-game trading).

@Toaber: We have the biggest merchants selling here and on eBay.



#53920 // 11:40am
Do you have an ebay account selling those or just on your page?


#53919 // 1:09am
Is the [big blizzard bear] for 450 legit? and can you get banned if you're caught buying from here?


#53918 // 9:12pm
@mathalmir: It gets sent to your PayPal email address. We have now manually completed it for you, please check your emails.


#53917 // 6:29pm
How long does the authentication e-mail usually take to get? I have waited 30 min and still no e-mail...


#53916 // 4:28am
Thanks it worked ! [Tabard of the Void]


#53915 // 9:08pm
when do they restock mounts?

Loot News

10th June 2020

Here is another example of a unclaimed blurry code. If you manage to get this Foam Sword Rack code correct, let us know in chat here. Good luck!