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#54971 // 1:39am
I've done that multiple times


#54970 // 5:08pm
You can sing the Song and google tells you which Song it is


#54969 // 8:37pm
@vighter there was a song playing in the first half of the video, one that I had looked for since it was release, and had looked for so much I don't know if it was circulated very many places online outside of it, it was my favorite song of all time and an important childhood memory of mine


#54968 // 7:13pm
@lukinator1: why do you need this video?


#54967 // 1:14pm
Hey, back in '08/'09 there was a video uploaded onto YouTube of someone’s TCG item collection, it had a female night elf going around stormwind showing a collection of various TCG items. In the background there was a song that sounded like it was strongly associated with a carnival/circus for some reason playing. Then the song Jolly Roger’s Lagoon from Banjo-Tooie starts playing (YouTube she hearths to shattrath, and starts flying around on an [x-51 nether-rocket] . (1/2)


#54966 // 1:13pm
I was curious if anyone ever happened to see this video at any point, has an author name/URL saved somewhere, knows about the first song, etc. Since this site doesn’t save message history for very long, please contact me at email:, discord: micey_, or bnet: SpicyMayo26#1710 if you know anything in case I don’t see your message, and since this is a trading site I can reward you with in game gold, real life currency, or possibly some TCG stuff for your help. Thanks. (2/2)


#54965 // 9:19am
@lopkopis: No. Although I happy to be proved otherwise.


#54964 // 10:27am
Hey! If i buy [Winged Guardian] , can i get him on Classic Cataclysm?


#54963 // 9:37pm
@Lxixo: All fixed, please check your emails and Purchase History.


#54962 // 9:11pm
my card was charged for a purchase but the page refreshed and now i dont know how to get my code, can anyone help?


#54961 // 10:21am
@NChokan: Please check your emails.

@necro09: Not at this time.

@Strajke: It likely will in the short term.

@shuilixiang: Not much we can do on this end about the process. It's best to contact us prior to purchase to verify we have the original card photo - we almost always do. Please check your emails for your photo.


#54960 // 4:17pm
The Taiwan server can redeem all English versions of TCG loot, but one must submit photos of cards with clear codes to customer service and have them manually process the redemption (sent to my game character's mail). This means that every time I purchase TCG on the website, I must track down the original card photos with WOWTCGLOOT. It's quite a hassle. Is there any way to ensure that the code I buy on the website can be traced back to the original card photo?


#54959 // 7:03am
so for example if [blazing hippogryph] is on trading post does it imact the price?


#54958 // 2:33am
Is it possible to buy Shadowlands Epic Edition?
if yes ? I am buy it


#54957 // 10:22pm
Hey does anyone know if wowtcgloot buys loot cards?


#54956 // 9:56am
@dasqual: Hmm, looks like it's a delayed payment method, I'll need to look into it further.


#54955 // 3:37pm
@daldain i dont see other payment options


#54954 // 12:18am
Why is the Digital Code for [Landro's Gift Box] significantly more expensive than the physical card, proportionally?


#54953 // 9:56pm
@robfrmamzn: I'm surprised you didn't have a file to keep track of codes to test. Oh well.

@Glabba: Based on what I see, you should be seeing EU prices already. Try adding a BattleNet code such as [Imperial Quilen] to your cart, you should see "EU" next to your code.


#54952 // 8:43am
I was recently told on here to see eu prices i have to change my ip address. How do i go about doing that? As im looking at buying some tcg mounts this month


#54951 // 5:49am
@Daldain I put in a ticket about [Landro's Gift Box] drop chances being increased in Dragonflight. Unfortunately, Blizzard does not answer any questions regarding details about WoW TCG cards because their production was discontinued (in 2013, I believe).


#54950 // 5:40am
Omw why did it link the actual item lmao now I look like a LARPer


#54949 // 5:39am
It's funny I am actually wearing a [purple colored shirt] today


#54948 // 5:37am
@Daldain Hi I tried navigating to the webpage that is my successful attempt, but I could not find this code in the system's memory as the value was not saved.


#54947 // 5:15am
@robfrmamzn: As for increased chance of loot from Landro [Gift Box] , can you ask if there was ever anything official mentioned?


#54946 // 5:14am
@robfrmamzn: Awesome and congrats! We couldn't figure it out, once you redeem it for yourself can you please share it here?


#54945 // 4:36am
Hello, I managed to get this " [Epic Purple Shirt] code" correct.


#54944 // 3:32am
One of the affiliated sellers on eBay claimed that the chance of obtaining a Swift [Spectral Tiger] from [Landro's Gift Box] was increased at the beginning of Dragonflight. Is anyone able to verify this?


#54943 // 10:57pm
@dasqual: Try now, we have enabled Bancontact.

@zzxheaven: Fixed, please check your emails.



#54942 // 5:02pm
Hi there, I didnt receive the authorization email after I submit a payment. I checked all folders and still didnt find it

Loot News

28th February 2024

A fresh example of another unclaimed blurry code. If you manage to get this Epic Purple Shirt code correct, let us know in chat here. Good luck!