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#51138 // 9:58pm
Im interested in the Wrath of the Lich King CE, but the price is ridiculous, considering the price of vanilla and the other collectors edition the Wotlk CE should cost half of what you have it for sale for, is there anything you can do about the price? No one is gonna pay that scam price its currently out for.


#51137 // 5:42am
@Chucky_uae: We have emailed.


#51136 // 1:55am
Why no one is responding to the emails? I've been waiting for days


#51135 // 4:32pm
hello im interested to buy a swift [spectral tiger] could i contact with you for some information?


#51134 // 12:25am
@Swaity: Yes, if you buy the [Epic Purple Shirt] from us you will get the code and item. There is no hunting through packs or anything like that as we have got the codes already from them.


#51133 // 9:46pm
Hey! Hello! This TCG card what is the chance that this is [Epic Purple Shirt] ? 100% chance? I need only [Epic Purple Shirt] . I can buy instantly if 100% chance for loot by this TCG card:


#51132 // 12:10am
Looking to sell a [mottled drake] . What would you give for it?


#51131 // 4:13pm
Please use our contact system system for quickest admin help.


#51130 // 3:34am
Where are the admins????


#51129 // 3:41pm
Can i talk with a admin plz


#51128 // 8:14am
Hi, i have sent a message before hours ago and didn't received any respond until now? I have a big orders!


#51127 // 9:16pm
@danflores300: Let us know via contact - choose code as subject.


#51126 // 4:40pm
just got a code for the [eye of legion] and it isn't redeeming it... do I have to wait awhile?


#51125 // 2:17pm
Can any admin help with Reason: Payment attempt did not fully honor 3DSecure


#51124 // 7:01pm
@Daldain I have an [El Pollo Grande] card that I was looking to sell.


#51123 // 6:00am
I have the [tabard of nature] and [tabard of fury] available not locked out to a realm what kinga cut would i get from them?


#51122 // 3:06am
@schwinnten: Locking them like that makes it difficult to sell.


#51121 // 3:05am
@XtremeGaming: Try now.


#51120 // 6:47pm
I wanted to buy [the Flag of Ownership] loot card. It was 169 last time I checked for digital copy. Now it's 219. Any chance you can match that old price. I finally saved up enough money for it.


#51119 // 5:22pm
I noticed you are showing my jadam514 ebay sales on here as well


#51118 // 5:15pm
One other thing is I have batches and batches of codes so I keep having to test batches on servers. Is there a way I can test the codes without having to choose a server cause now I have 4 tabards stuck on 2 realms.


#51117 // 5:10pm
How much of a cut of the sales would I get? I know I def have [tabard of nature] and [tabard of fury] to choose on any realm. I tested 4 codes and have redeemed them on wow promotions on illidan ( [Tabard of the Defender] , [Tabard of the Void] )and dethecus ( [Tabard of Frost] , [Tabard of Brilliance] ) codes are still good.


#51116 // 10:53am
Just marked down a dozen [Ethereal Plunderer]s and a dozen [Murkablo] to a special discount price!


#51115 // 5:20am
@schwinnten: Followup - you would get a cut of the sale of course.


#51114 // 4:08am
@schwinnten: We can return them to sale if you want. Use our contact system to let us know which codes you have not used.


#51113 // 4:08am
@Zedop: If you still having difficulty, please contact the number on back of card, maybe they are blocking paying to a US merchant?

@SidtheSloth: It was long process but worth it


#51112 // 1:06am
I was wondering I just logged into my email to check my old emails for tabard loot codes and noticed i have alot left over from 2009. I went on and sent a few to Dethecus to check and they worked I have [Tabard of Frost] and [Brilliance] left and redeemed the Tabard of [Arcane] to make sure they were valid and they are. How do I go about selling all these codes. Does tcg site buy them from people since they sell them?


#51111 // 10:57pm
Thanks everyone of this site's helpdesk! You did well not giving me up on my journey to the probably last [Carved Ogre Idol] ! Thanks and you've got yourself a new happy customer!


#51110 // 8:46am
@Daldain nope,never had problems before buying from this site



#51109 // 11:07pm
@Zedop: Does your card issuer ask you to do something to complete payment?

Loot News

Another problem we face is shown in this photo of duplicate Goblin Weather Machine loot codes. Blizzard / UDE / Cryptozoic had quality control problems when batches of codes were reprinted, usually when boutique products such as Epic Collections or foreign language were made. The vast majority of affected cards were common loot, but we think that is simply because common loot was printed in far greater numbers than the other rarer loot.