WoW TCG Loot Help


What is a TCG?

TCG is an acronym for Trading Card Game. In a TCG, players collect cards and build their own decks to play against each other. Each deck has its own strategy, which is shaped by the cards a player chooses to include in his or her personal deck. Upperdeck Entertainment (UDE) are the creators of the World of Warcraft TCG have a how-to-play page.

World of Warcraft TCG merchandise

Where do these World of Warcraft loot items come from?

Currently there are three sources :-

  1. World of Warcraft TCG loot cards.
  2. UDE Redemption.
  3. Murloc items "Murky" the Murloc pet, Murloc costume, and Murloc Bear Mount were obtainable at BlizzCon 2005, 2007, and 2008 respectively. Tyraels Pet code was obtained at the Worldwide Invitational 2008 (WWI, Paris).

What is a WoW TCG loot card?

Loot cards are legendary versions of WoW TCG rare cards that have a unique code. A protective layer conceals this code and when scratched away a 25 digit promotion code is revealed that can be entered into Blizzard's promotional code retrieval center website.

Redeemed WoW TCG loot cards


What is a Booster Pack?

A booster pack is a sealed pack of cards. The contents within each pack is randomly distributed. What is known about the contents is the number of each type of cards within a booster pack.

Heroes of Azeroth, Dark Portal, Fires of Outland each have 15 TCG cards :-
10 common cards,
3 uncommon cards,
1 rare / epic card,
1 hero card and
1 UDE points card.

Then every expansion up until Twilight of the Dragons has 19 TCG cards :-
13 common cards,
4 uncommon cards,
1 rare / epic card,
1 hero card and
1 UDE points / crafting card.

Starting with Thrones of the Tides each booster has 15 TCG cards :-
10 common cards,
4 uncommon cards,
1 rare / epic card,
1 hero card / crafting / token / rules card.

When the loot card is found it replaces the Hero card in that booster pack.

Where can Booster Packs be found/bought?

Booster packs can be bought individually, in booster boxes, or within Starter Decks. We list the lowest prices of booster boxes currently on the market, see "Expansions" in the side menu. Alternatively, local computer games retailers and toy retailers are most likely to stock World of Warcraft TCG merchandise.

What does a Starter Deck Contain?

A Starter Deck contains 3 Oversized Hero Cards (for use in the TCG), a 33 card starter deck (a playable deck with fixed contents and no loot cards), 1 instruction booklet and 2 Booster packs. Booster packs found in starter decks have an equal chance of contain loot cards as any other booster packs. Buying a Starter Deck does not mean a higher nor lower chance of a loot Card than buying 2 individual boosters.

What is a Treasure Pack?

Part of the WoW TCG experience is playing against "Raid Decks". This is where multiple players team up on a raid location such as Molten Core or Onxyia's Lair in an attempt to beat the boss. Inside a raid deck is a Treasure Pack containing promotional TCG cards and occasionally loot cards can be found in these. The insertion rate of loot cards within older Treasure Packs is higher than normal booster packs, at around 1/64 treasure packs for the rarest of TCG loots, but the cost of a raid deck is about 8 times the price of a booster pack.

Expansion loot distribution for treasure packs:

Molten Core treasure pack

What is a Tournament Pack?

Tournament Packs are treasure packs that are obtained through officially organized WoW TCG competitions or UDE Points. This allows players to obtain copies of promotional cards as found in the Treasure Packs without having to buy multiple "Raid Decks". The downside is that these packs do NOT contain any loot cards at all. You can tell the different between a Treasure Pack and a Tournament Pack as the Tournament Pack will have "Tournament Version" stamped on the packaging. Therefore online players interested only in loot cards should avoid these items.


How can I get Warcraft TCG loot cards?

Loot cards can only be found in booster packs and treasure packs. However, buying boosters or treasure packs to obtain them is expensive due to the nature of their rarity and the randomness of their distribution. Fortunately, we have gone through the trouble of finding the cheapest price for every single loot card. By using us, you save as much as 95% of the cost of chasing the loot yourself, a massive cost and time saving.

Loot rarity in expansion boxes and cases?

Experience in opening cases gives us an accurate picture on what makes loot so special and desirable. A loot card, when found, replaces the hero card inside a booster pack. There are 24 booster packs within an expansion box, and there are 12 expansion boxes to a case.

Assuming no tampering of factory sealed cases, TCG expansions Heroes of Azeroth, Through the Dark Portal, Fires of Outland contained:

  • Common loots are found 2 per case, or 1 in 6 expansion boxes,
  • Uncommon loots are found 1 per case, or 1 in 12 expansion boxes,
  • Rare loots are found 1 in every other case, or 1 in 24 expansion boxes.

March of the Legion received an increased insertion rate:

  • Commons, at least 2 per case,
  • Uncommons, 1 per case, some rare cases have 2,
  • Rares, 1 per case, some rare cases have 2.

For every TCG expansion since then:

  • Super commons, 20-21 per case, at least 1 per expansion box,
  • Uncommons, 2 per case, or 1 in 6 expansion boxes, some rare cases have 1, where other rare cases have 3,
  • Rares, 1 per case, or 1 in 12 expansion boxes, some rare cases have none, while other rare cases have 2.

See Treasure Pack section for Raid Treasure loot distribution.

Is buying the loot items against the TOS?

Buying these loot cards is not against the TOS because the loot card/code are physical and tangible in form and fully endorsed by Blizzard Entertainment. This post by Blizzard representative make it absolutely clear: post.

Are there region restrictions for loot codes?

Loot cards from US (printed in English) or EU packs (European languages) will work in either region as long as you select your correct region and realm on the Promotions Redemption page. Korean, Chinese, and Japanese loot codes are exclusive to their own regions and therefore we make every effort to not publish listings from these regions.

I'm looking for Korean server loot codes?

You can get your hard to find Korean TCG loot at our sister website specifically for Korean servers only at

Can I buy or trade these loots for in-game gold or similar?

Blizzard have made an effort to allow for some limited in-game trading by making the premium mount loots Bind on Use (BoU) which allows them to be sold via Auction House or character trade. For the remaining loots there are legitimate players who have access to loot codes, which once converted to an in-game code, do make successful and legal in-game trades. However, remember if it's too good to be true, it usually is. Anyone negatively impacted by such an in-game transaction should contact an in-game GM and supply as much detail as possible about the event.

Do you sell these items for gold in-game?

No, never have and never will. We do not have any direct representatives on any server, anyone claiming to be so while attempting to sell loot is mis-representing us and is misleading you.


What do I do with the 25 digit promotion code?

Every region in the world uses to redeem promotion codes. Blizzard store and recent BlizzCon loot (Heavy Murloc Egg, and Smoldering Murloc Egg) items use the US or EU BattleNet redemption webpage instead. These webpages allow you to enter the 25 digit promotion code and also select the region and realm (if required) for the character that will receive the loot item.

Blizzard store and recent BlizzCon items will instantly have their items available to all accounts and characters, and placed within in-game mail for all new characters.

Otherwise upon successfully submitting the promotion code, you will be presented with an in-game code. Write this code down or print it out; you will need it to retrieve your item. Log into the game with the character that is to receive the item and travel to Booty Bay in Stranglethorn Vale. There, you will need to find a goblin by the name of Landro Longshot. He is located on the lower parts of Booty Bay on the docks, and should be easily recognised due to the fact that he has a distinctive purple shirt and two body guards wearing Tabard of Flame next to him.

Redemption page

Landro Longshot

Landro asks where your loot item is from

Before you begin talking with Landro ensure you have got space to hold the item(s) otherwise you risk not being able to redeem. It is a limited "Lost or Missing item" restoration rather than a defective promotional loot code if you make this error.

If you are redeeming a BlizzCon murloc costume, pet, or mount, your murloc representative is next to the fishing trainer in either Orgrimmar (Zas'Tysh in Valley of Honor) or Ironforge (Ransin Donner in Forlorn Cavern) instead. For the WWI Tyrael Pet Edward Cairn redeems for Horde on upper Trade Quarter, Undercity. Ian Drake redeems for Alliance outside the Auction House in Trade District, Stormwind.

Select the item from Landro's list of available promotions, and then enter the in-game code you wrote down.

Can I re-use the code once it has been redeemed?

Once the online code has been used and Landro has given your character the item, both the revealed promotion code and in-game code can no longer be used. You will need to find another loot card if you want another item.

Do loot codes expire?

Loot codes do not expire, we continue to successfully redeem codes created as early as 2006. In-game items obtained from loot codes do not expire.

Who can be given an item?

BlizzCon and WWI loot items which are not redeemed through the BattleNet website are "Binds to Account" (BoA) which allow you to mail the item to your other characters on the same faction and realm. BattleNet redemption loot are given to all your existing and newly created characters on redeemed account. Unless specifically mentioned, all other loot codes can only be given to a single character and are "Bind on Pickup". Therefore, the "Bind on Pickup" or soulbound items cannot be shared between characters, even within a single account. Since patch 3.2, TCG mount loots that require a riding skill to use can be trading and even sold in auction houses and remain a tradeable item until learned upon which they disappear (BoU). Additionally some mounts have a Riding skill and a level pre-requisite before you can use them. Other loots can create conjured items which can be picked up by other players: they disappear from inventory when carrying player logs off. The details of these are described in our individual facts per loot.

Once redeemed, how long do the loot items last?

All items have unlimited uses until carrying character voluntarily destroys the item. The only exception are the super-common consumable loot which have limited charges.

UDE Points

How does the UDE Points program work?

UDE points registration

UDE points cards

Each WoW TCG booster pack used to include a UDE Points card with a unique 9 character code. These codes were worth 100 points each and were redeemable by entering the codes at the designated UDE points page. UDE points redemption is now deprecated, and it very unlikely unspent points will be useful in any form.

What loot can I redeem with UDE points?

There are 7 epic tabards: Tabard of Frost (blue), Tabard of the Arcane (purple), Tabard of the Void (black), Tabard of Fury (yellow), Tabard of Nature (green), Tabard of Brilliance (white), Tabard of the Defender (orange), each costing 2,000 points. Landro's Pet Box which may contain TCG pets for 2,000 points, The Perpetual Purple Firework trinket costing 3,000 points. The Carved Ogre Idol costing 25,000 points. These UDE point items are not available on TCG loot cards as the two programs are separate.

Methods of receiving UDE loot?

UDE points redemption is now deprecated, but may be temporarily revived in the future. There are two methods of acquiring the loot items which require UDE redemption. Firstly is actually receiving the UDE point cards in the mail which takes the longest, or secondly the seller will request your region and server for your character that is to receive the item and then send you the 25 digit code directly. Both methods work equally well, but if you have a preference the seller doesn't specify then be sure to communicate that preference with the seller before you commit.

Instant Buy

How does the "Instant Buy" work?

"We don't want a sale, we want a customer for life". Everything we do centers around this philosophy. By adding our purple colored "Instant Buy" loot codes to your cart you can purchase loot codes directly from us saving valuable time, stress, and postage money. Adding loot codes to your cart reserves them exclusively and upon successful payment your full loot codes are viewable immediently in your Invoice History. You will receive the full 25 digit promotion code only as we do not mail the physical cards. All our loot codes are suitable for both US and EU regions unless specifically marked.

Can I get in trouble by Blizzard for buying from you?

You are 100% covered by Blizzard's TOS because you are buying the promotion code from the original TCG/BlizzCon card, which by definition is a real-world item. This post by Blizzard representative makes it absolutely clear: post.

All codes bought need to be entered into one of Blizzard's websites for processing before being usable in-game which defines these codes as real-world. No one has been selling WoW TCG Loot codes longer than us and no one has ever had any action on their account from purchasing from us, ever.

Why do you need to verify my telephone number?

This ensures that your location matches where we think you are. We do not use your telephone number for any other purpose and the phone verification is a once only requirement. See our Privacy statement for more details.

What is this goodwill I have read about?

Goodwill is a dollar amount that represents a percentage of prior purchases. The amount gained increases by longevity and the type of payment made. Currently goodwill is calculated by adding together each of:

  • 40% of direct card payments older than 7 months,
  • 20% of PayPal payments older than 7 months,
  • 15% of any Western Union payment,
  • 15% of any Bitcoin payment.

Your goodwill amount is rounded up to the next $5 amount and currently is $0. We are planning for those with enough goodwill to purchase premium loot codes with PayPal. Currently, goodwill allows regular customers to increase spending limits listed below.

How does Western Union payment work?

We are currently not accepting Western Union payments. Western Union (WU) payment is required under any of the following conditions:

  • Invoice contains a premium loot,
  • PayPal daily limit of $800 reached,
  • PayPal weekly limit of $850 reached,
  • PayPal monthly limit of $950 reached,
  • PayPal quarter limit of $1950 reached.

Premium loots are those priced above $800 USD or certain mount codes. You may pay with WU online or failing that you can find your nearest Agent by using the "Find a Location" service on the Western Union website. The vast majority of WU payments have been processed in less than 24 hours, with the bulk of these in a few hours. Ideally we would like to use PayPal for all our invoice payments but cannot do so due to the nature of the digital goods we offer. Goodwill mentioned above allows regular customers to increase spending limits.

Why was my PayPal payment rejected?

"multiple paypal" means the account has used more than one PayPal account or PayPal account has been used in more than one account. Sometimes this is triggered when a user has purchased with us prior to enforcing a PayPal account for purchases. This problem is solved manually.

"authority timeout" means the authorization email we sent to your PayPal account email has not been acted upon. Please ensure you have access to this email account and that you check both your Inbox and Spam folders for the authorization email we send once you make your PayPal payment.

"verified paypal required" means that your PayPal account is not fully verified, which in the case of buying premium mounts is required. Please see your "status" link when first logging into PayPal for details on how to become fully verified.

All other codes are more technical in nature and require a manual investigation. If a payment needs to be refunded then we will usually do so within 12 hours (often much quicker), and we will give you further information as to why the payment was rejected if appropriate.

Why am I being charged tax?

See for the list of non WA residents who will be charged tax.

Non WA USA residents can request tax refunds beginning Jan. 1, 2020.


Common Problems?

The most common problem is players taking the code straight from the card (or our Invoice History) and attempting to enter it in-game with Landro in Booty Bay. This is not the proper way to redeem a loot code. See 4.0 Redeeming for the correct Blizzard website to use first.

Landro currently is having a problem dispensing the Ogre Pinata into player inventories, find it in in-game mail instead.

When a code is redeemed from the Blizzard / Battlenet promotion redemption website, that code is "used", so you need to be very, very sure you have the correct region and realm information. Otherwise, you risk not being able to redeem your code for an item. Your code cannot be used a second time.

Before you begin talking with Landro ensure you have got space to hold the item(s) otherwise you risk not being able to redeem. It is a limited "Lost or Missing item" restoration rather than a defective promotional loot code if you make this error.

Is the code typed correctly? Often simply copying and pasting the code from the promotions page can reduce a number of problems at this step in the process.

Are you selecting the right item from Landro's list? If you select the wrong item from his list, it will not accept your code. Please double check that the name of the card that you are redeeming resembles the name of the in game item that the code is good for.

What else can I try? On occasion pets or various mods can interfere with Landro's accepting the in-game code. If you continue to have problems, dismiss all pets, disable all addons, and restart WoW before trying again. Avoid being in a raid when trying to redeem as we have received reports that it can also cause issues. In some weird scenarios the "WTF Folder" in the World of Warcraft Program can interfere with the loot code redemption process. Delete or move this folder, and reload World of Warcraft.

Landro is not allowing me to enter all 25 digits?

There is a known bug where Landro sometimes only allows you to enter in 12 digits. The solution is to log out of World of Warcraft and then log back in. This will usually resolve your problem. On occasion pets or various mods can interfere with Landro's code redemption box. If you continue to have problems, dismiss all pets, disable all addons, and restart WoW before trying again.

I'm hated with Booty Bay, how can I talk to Landro?

Landro is a member of the <The Black Flame> faction and has no relevance to Booty Bay Steemweedle Cartel, therefore Landro is happy to welcome any visitor. Nearby Booty Bay guards however may not be so welcoming. High level characters can simply negotiate around the aggro radius of guards and time their visit with Landro while the guards are not nearby. Low level characters may need to employ some help from other high level Booty Bay hated characters to decoy nearby guards while the low level character redeems with Landro.

What happens if I lose the code?

If you lose the online code after you have redeemed it on Blizzard's promotional code retrieval center website, but before you give it to Landro, don't worry! As long as you fill in the same scratch off code again, you can get the online code back (it will be the same number as before). However, you need to choose exactly the same server realm as before as the code is now already locked to that realm.

What to check before committing to a listing?

We have excellent filtering to remove any listings that appear a bargain but could be construed as misleading. Any of the following list of words should make you cautious if mentioned anywhere in the description of the item: scratched, redeemed, used, junk, non loot, grab bag, treasure, or mystery.

Why doesn't my loot card have a scratch-off panel on it?

Not all versions of a card have a scratch off panel: these versions are only a non-loot version of the card. Cards without the scratch off panel are not loot cards and therefore cannot redeem any items. A scratch off loot card has an orange collector's number on the bottom of the card signifying its legendary rareness.

This FAQ didn't answer my question?

We can only answer those questions that we know about. If you feel we didn't satisfy your question please let know by using our Contact form.