Loot News

September 25, 2022

We are as active as ever here at WoW TCG Loot. As to be expected, TCG loot has gotten harder to find but we manage to keep almost everything in stock. The best time to buy is right now because as loot gets harder to acquire the price inevitably rises.

Those looking to purchase for their Classic characters, please be aware that only Collectors Editions (CE) codes will work, and only those expansions that are currently in Classic. Fortunately, we still maintain small levels of stock for these elusive items.

A quick word on general availability of loot. Most UDE point Tabards are now extremely rare, and price reflects this rarity. TCG Mount loot is steadily getting rarer and pricier. Do not delay in purchasing items as prices almost never drop.

UPDATE: Landro and other redemption NPCs are working again. We have re-enabled all direct loot items.

January 12, 2018

We have been getting a lot of requests for when certain loot is going to be restocked so we thought it is a great time to make an update. The old UDE point loot in particular is vulnerable, [Carved Ogre Idol] and [Purple Firework] may never be seen again. Those interested in Tabards, especially Frost, Nature, and Defender, should buy the last handful while they are still in stock.

Many mount loots are also slowly disappearing. Get your Spectral Tiger, Fedrake, Hippogryphs, and Magic Rooster Eggs while they are still available.

BlizzCon and CE items will continue to remain elusive, purchase them without delay when there is any in stock.

July 19, 2016

Our complete design overhaul has gone live just in time for the WoW Legion pre-expansion patch. Our tabard category has been renamed to wardrobe, and a couple of hearthstone equivalents are now in toys.

WoWTCGLoot.com provides access to the full range of Mount, Pet, Toy, Wardrobe, and every Other loot codes from the fantastic range of WoW TCG Expansion products.

Update: Landro is now working.

November 10, 2014

Ever wanted to see us do a giveaway worth over $5000? Right now, we are hosting an epic giveaway unlike anything we have ever done to celebrate the newly released in-game Toy Box. From Oct. 14th to the end of the festive holiday season on 1st Jan. 2015, any website store purchase of Toy Loot will be worth a raffle ticket value, and at the end of the promotion raffle tickets will be totalled up and randomly selected tickets will be chosen at random for prizes. See our special giveaway page for more information.

Also newsworthy is Blizzard finally fixing the redemption problem caused by server merges and backend changes. Oceanic servers will continue to function under the US region group.

Stay tuned for more updates before the end of the year.

October 26, 2013

After skipping a year, BlizzCon is back to whet the appetite of WoW fans, and this year's goody bag will contain the [Murkalot's Flail] card. Price tracking will commence just before BlizzCon 2013 begins.

In the biggest WoW TCG news of this year, Cryptozoic and Blizzard parted ways in their partnership to produce the WoW TCG. After 20 excellent expansions, WoW TCG will no longer have any new cards or loot and it is uncertain whether Hearthstone will continue the tradition in some digital form.

In case anyone is wondering, we are not going away because the TCG is no longer being printed. It is the opposite, our inventory is deep, and our price and auction house tracking is more useful than ever. Our prediction is that loot prices will remain mostly firm with a steady increase as WoW TCG codes become scarcer.

June 9, 2013

Update: Blizzard has fixed the Code Redemption problem. Our Instant Buy links are available again. Thank you for your patience with this matter.

We have just received news that the next WoW TCG expansion "Reign of Fire" (RoF) will not contain any new loot, instead it will contain random loot from all previous 20 expansions. Since this expansion is the final in the "Timewalkers" block, it makes for a fitting finale for this block that pays tribute to past heroes and personalities in the Warcraft universe. Loot insertion rates have also been increased, the super common will be increased from 1:11 to 1:9, and the rarest loot will be increased from two per case up to four.

Even though it is sad that this expansion has no new loot to chase, it will make opening packs much more exciting as it is possible to get even the rarest mount loot such as [Spectral Tiger] again.

We are planning on some type celebratory promotion and giveaway regardless, and will give plenty of notice here before the expected release in the middle of July.

March 3, 2013

Our giveaway has been drawn, listed below are the winners whom have also been notified by email:

Those who have pre-ordered should have their codes waiting for them in their account Purchase History, if not please "contact" us. Everyone is still waiting to redeem their "BotG" loot as it requires Blizzard to release patch 5.2, but it appears we are in the final stages and perhaps as early as 5th of March. Let's hope that the next and future expansions have its loot available in-game upon release as normal.

Finally, we have started accepting Bitcoin as payments for all our digital codes.

February 11, 2013

World of Warcraft patch 5.2 is likely to be released on the 26th February and what better way to welcome the new content patch by redeeming your very own WoW TCG loot? Betrayal of the Guardian (BotG) will be officially releasing a few days earlier on the 22nd February, and you can have your very own special loot code in advance ready to redeem:

As always, we have a loot giveaway for those that order during our pre-sale. Each [Gusting Grimoire] enters one chance for a [Grunty] and five chances on [Papa Hummel's Pet Biscuit]. Each [Dark Portal] enters once for one of two [The Flag of Ownership]. And [Ghastly Charger's Skull] enters one chance for a [Magic Rooster Egg]. Those that have already ordered are automatically included.

Also new in WoW Patch 5.2 is the epic [Tuskarr Kite] will be able to join pet battles.

January 22, 2013

UPDATE: Pre-sale is now live, with prices and purchasing below.

As promised, a large WoW TCG loot giveaway on Wowhead has just completed. For those that missed out on winning, do not despair, for a new competition on MMO-Champion with our loot will be starting there very soon.

The next expansion, Betrayal of the Guardian (BotG) is less than one month away and we have information and images on each of the three new loots :-

BotG official release date is the 22nd of February, but why wait until after that date to show-off your unique items? Our wildly popular pre-sale ensures you get your loot codes as soon as possible on release day delivered digitally to your account with us. We have even opened up direct credit card processing to give you even more payment options.

Look for a news update here in the next few days containing full loot details and links to add your BotG loots to your cart, and yes, there will be our usual special pre-sale prizes for those who reserve their loot with us.

October 25, 2012

Our biggest ever pre-sale, The War of the Ancients (WotA), concluded a little while back and our lucky loot giveaway winners were notified by email. In case they missed it, here's a hint of who they were:

We will be doing more giveaways soon, and they will be big, and not necessarily here, so look for us on other popular WoW websites.

Other tidbits of news include the [Dragon Kite] TCG loot will be able to participate in Pet Battles when patch 5.1 goes live. Coming mid-February is the next TCG expansion "Betrayal of the Guardian" containing the following loot in scarcity order: Floating Spellbook, Dark Portal Hearthstone, Ghostly Charger.