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Our complete design overhaul has gone live just in time for the WoW Legion pre-expansion patch. Our tabard category has been renamed to wardrobe, and a couple of hearthstone equivalents are now in toys. provides access to the full range of Mount, Pet, Toy, Wardrobe, and every Other loot codes from the fantastic range of WoW TCG Expansion products.

Update: Landro is now working.

Papa Hummel's Pet Biscuit

  Pet Loot

Murloc Costume

  Toy Loot

  • The costume is a non equipped item with a 6 second cast time.
  • Unlocks the "Murloc Costume" Feat of Strength achievement.
  • The item itself has no cooldown, but it triggers a 1.5 sec global cooldown, and the effect is broken when you cast a spell, attack, eat food, or take damage.
  • It has almost all emotes that normal chars are capable of doing.
  • Zas'Tysh redeems for Horde in Valley of Honor, Orgrimmar.
  • Ransin Donner redeems for Alliance in Forlorn Cavern, Ironforge.
  • "Binds to account". This allows the costume to be mailed to your other characters on redeemed server.
  • Useable at any level and therefore available for twinks.

Landro's Gift Box

  Mount Loot