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We have been getting a lot of requests for when certain loot is going to be restocked so we thought it is a great time to make an update. The old UDE point loot in particular is vulnerable, [Carved Ogre Idol] and [Purple Firework] may never be seen again. Those interested in Tabards, especially Frost, Nature, and Defender, should buy the last handful while they are still in stock.

Many mount loots are also slowly disappearing. Get your Spectral Tiger, Fedrake, Hippogryphs, and Magic Rooster Eggs while they are still available.

BlizzCon and CE items will continue to remain elusive, purchase them without delay when there is any in stock.

Landro's Gift Box

  Mount Loot

Landro's Lichling

  Pet Loot

  • Based on the BlizzStore original [Lil' Phylactery].
  • Every so often, when opportunity arises, kills a nearby critter with an Ice Block spell.
  • Laughs like Kel'Thuzad when he kills a critter or when controller kills a player.
  • When learned, counts towards all pet collection achievements.
  • Is a super-common loot card.
  • Useable at any level and therefore available for twinks.


  Pet Loot