Christmas BlizzCon Special

During BlizzCon 2014 in Anaheim, we managed to secure a supply of the exclusive Blizzard Capsule figures made available at the event. These six figures represent some of the most iconic characters in Blizzard lore, spanning the worlds of Warcraft, Starcraft and Diablo:

  • Tyrande Whisperwind - The most prominent night elf leader, as the chosen high priestess of the godess Elune, the former general of the night elf sentinels, and the current head of the Sisterhood of Elune. (Warcraft)
  • Zeratul - A revered protoss Dark Templar mystic. (Starcraft)
  • Illidan Stormrage - The self-proclaimed Lord of Outland, ruling from the Black Temple. He became "neither night elf nor demon, but something more" and his actions against the night elf people inevitably led to his identity as the Betrayer. (Warcraft)
  • Nova Terra - A female terran ghost, working for the Terran Dominion. (Starcraft)
  • Skeleton King - King Leoric, the mad king of Tristram, bound once again to the mortal realm. (Diablo)
  • Malthael - A former member and leader of the Angiris Council. Once the Archangel of Wisdom, he became the Angel of Death. (Diablo)
(price includes shipping and handling)


Each package includes the full set of six Blizzard Capsule Series 2 figures. In addition, each package will contain one randomly inserted loot card. We have created a full spread of randomized loot for this promotion, and in the mix of what will be used to fulfill these orders, the following loot cards will be some of our rarer "chase" loot:

In addition to these rare chase loots (multiples of each!) being included, the common loot you will find will include one of Purple Puffer, Gusting Grimoire, Papa Hummel's Pet Biscuit, Path of Cenarius or Sandbox Tiger!


Q: How much is shipping? Do you ship overseas?
A: The price listed includes all associated shipping charges and we ship worldwide. Any foreign (non-USA) domestic custom charges are the responsibility of the buyer. The price for international orders reflects the considerable increase in cost for shipping overseas. Any foreign (non-USA) domestic custom chargers are the responsibility of the buyer, but we will do our best to try and help mitigate any customs issues as best we can.

Q: Can I order more than one of these BlizzCon Specials?
A: Absolutely! Each order includes the full set of the Series 2 capsules, as well as a randomly inserted loot card. Please note that all inserted loot is completely random and we cannot guarantee you will receive a selection of different loots if you purchase multiple orders.

Q: Each order includes a random loot?
A: Yes, each order includes ONE (1) randomly inserted loot card. This loot card can be a common card from the common pool listed above, or one of our rare "chase" loot cards also listed above. This loot card is in addition to the full set of Series 2 capsules.

Q: I'm interested in buying one of each Series, but you only have Series 2 available. Do you have any Series 1 in stock?
A: Only a very small amount, contact us if you are interested. If this promotion proves successful, we will do our best to acquire more of Series 1 next year to ensure our stock is a bit more even. For now, though, once we're out... that's it!

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask in our Chatbox and we will do our best to respond as soon as possible.