Sylverian Dreamer

Sylverian Dreamer

Sylverian Dreamer
Item Level 10
Binds when picked up
Mount (Account-wide)
Use: Teaches you how to summon this mount.
Requires Level 10
Requires Apprentice Riding

"An artist in the magical city of Dalaran fell asleep on her brush, and dreamed of painting a beautiful feathered dragon. Her artwork lept from the page, and when she awoke, she found it sleeping gently beside her."
Game Facts:
  • Added to Blizzard Store in July 2019. Originally, this mount was acquired by having a 6-month subscription applied to your account through July 2019.
  • Mount automatically adjusts speed to your highest riding skill.
  • When learned, counts towards all mount collection size achievements.
  • The Sylverian Dreamers blue wings shimmer with a radiant effect, almost like a reflection on water.
Rarity: Unknown
Distribution: Blizzard Store

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