Heavy Murloc Egg

Heavy Murloc Egg

Heavy Murloc Egg
Binds when picked up
Use: Teaches you how to summon this companion.
Game Facts:
  • "Grunty" is the in-game name of the pet.
  • The pet is a miniature version of the Marine unit in the Starcraft universe.
  • Interacts with the Zergling pet from the original collectors edition.
  • Unlocks the "The Marine Marine" Feat of Strength achievement.
  • When redeemed at www.blizzcon.com/pet, this item will be sent to all eligible character mailboxes associated with the destination Battle.net or World of Warcraft account.
  • Newly created characters on redeemed account will have "Grunty" waiting in mailbox.
  • When learned, counts towards all pet collection achievements.
  • Useable at any level and therefore available for twinks.
Rarity: 20,000 printed
Distribution: BlizzCon 2009

Pet Battle Journal

Name: Grunty
Description: Only the rarest of murlocs is able to successfully cross dimensional barriers. Fewer still return with the kind of advanced armor and weaponry possessed by Grunty.
Family: Humanoid
Tradeable: No
Level 1 Base Attributes:
  • Health: 158
  • Power: 12
  • Speed: 10

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