Landro's Lichling

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Landro's Lichling
  • Based on the BlizzStore original [Lil' Phylactery].
  • Every so often, when opportunity arises, kills a nearby critter with an Ice Block spell.
  • Laughs like Kel'Thuzad when he kills a critter or when controller kills a player.
  • When learned, counts towards all pet collection achievements.
  • Is a super-common loot card.
  • Useable at any level and therefore available for twinks.

Loot Information:

Landro's Lichling
Binds when picked up
Use: Teaches you how to summon this companion.
Expansion: War of the Elements
Card: Landro's Lichling
Rarity: 1/11 booster packs
Distribution: War of the Elements booster boxes contain 24 boosters and cost approx $50 USD (inc. shipping), therefore the average cost of obtaining this particular loot with random chance is $23.00

Pet Battle Journal:

Name: Landro's Lichling
Family: Undead
Tradeable: Yes, can be traded with Pet Cage

Description: How the goblin Landro Longshot initially came into possession of the lichling remains a mystery, but he was all too eager to wager it in a game of cards.
Level 1 Base Attributes:
Health: 161 Power: 12 Speed: 9

Level 1 Slot 1: Shadow Slash
Level 2 Slot 2: Siphon Life
Level 4 Slot 3: Frost Nova
Level 10 Slot 1: Howling Blast
Level 15 Slot 2: Death and Decay
Level 20 Slot 3: Curse of Doom


Landro's Lichling Landro's Lichling Landro's Lichling

Purchase Information:

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