Ethereal Portal

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Ethereal Portal
  • Functions as a hearthstone but with more expansive graphics.
  • Shares hearthstone cooldown (30 min.) effectively replacing hearthstone.
  • Character uses an Ethereal gate as used by the Consortium faction when hearthing.
  • Sets to current hearth location when received and location can be changed by any Innkeeper.
  • Useable at any level and therefore available for twinks.

Loot Information:

Ethereal Portal
Binds when picked up
Use: Returns you to <Home>. Speak to an Innkeeper in a different place to change your home location. (30 Min Cooldown)
"The techno-sorcery of K'aresh is now yours to command."
Expansion: Icecrown
Card: Portal Stone
Rarity: 1/132 booster packs
Distribution: Icecrown booster boxes contain 24 boosters and cost approx $50 USD (inc. shipping), therefore the average cost of obtaining this particular loot with random chance is $275.00


Ethereal Portal Ethereal Portal Ethereal Portal Ethereal Portal Portal Stone

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